Anoushka Shankar - The Sun Won’t Set (ft. Norah Jones)

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Introducing Jelly


Humanity is connected like never before. In fact, recent white papers have concluded that the proverbial “six degrees of separation” is now down to four because of social networking and mobile phones. It’s not hard to imagine that the true promise of a connected…

The new search engine by the co founder of Twitter

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The annual Barcolana regatta in the Gulf of Trieste near northern Italy is one of the largest sailing races in the world with over 1,500 participants. The race began in 1969 and takes place on the second Sunday in October. 

More photos from the past 24 hours.

Photos by Reuters photographer Stefano Rellandini. 

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Quality Assurance for mobile applications ~ Beolle Ideas

My new post on Quality Assurance for mobile applications. This is just a teaser. There are more to come in my future posts. 



Mooring in the Mist

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National Geographic’s top 10 space pictures from 2012! 

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Love these photos

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"We spend a third of our life sleeping. No matter what we do, however virtuous or non-virtuous our activities, whether we are murderers or saints, monks or libertines, every day ends the same. We shut our eyes and dissolve into darkness. We do so fearlessly, even as, everything we know about “me” disappears. After a brief period, images arise and our sense of self arises with them. We exist again in the apparently limitless world of dream. Every night we participate in these most profound mysteries, moving from one dimension of experience to another, losing our sense of self and finding it again, and yet we take it all for granted. We wake in the morning and continue in the “real” life, but in a sense we are still asleep and dreaming."

- The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep - Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

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Love this photo

Reflections of Gabriel Flores — New York City

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All I see is the canopy of endless stars
All I feel is the summer breeze hazing the bonfire
All I hear is the lazy wave hitting the idle banks
All I know is that I am alive in this magical moment

Herak, Bonfire night


"To a worm in a horseradish the world is a horseradish. Try new things ppl. Otherwise your world would be a horseradish :)"